I offer professional supervision to UK-based occupational therapists who are working in diverse roles, non-traditional settings and independent practice, or who are considering a move away from traditional services. I work with a mental health and wellbeing focus, specialising in supporting you with your own wellbeing as it relates to your work.

Why have supervision?

There are many reasons to have professional supervision, not least of which are that it is required of us by the Regulator (HCPC) and our professional body (RCOT).

“At its simplest, supervision is a professional relationship and activity which ensures good standards of practice and encourages development.” (COT, 2015 p1).

According the RCOT Professional Standards for occupational therapy practice, conduct and ethics, occupational therapists must ‘…receive and/or provide regular professional supervision and appraisal, where critical reflection is used to review practice…’ and further, that ‘… this may be provided locally or via long-arm support’ (RCOT, 2021, p 37)

The HCPC is bringing out new Standards of Proficiency for all its registrants, which will come into force in September 2023. The new standards emphasise the importance of registrants' mental health and require us to have 'clear strategies for physical and mental self-care' as these relate to Fitness to Practice. Engaging in the type of well-being focused supervision I offer is one way to ensure you are meeting this standard.




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  • Royal College of Occupational Therapists (2021), Professional standards for occupational therapy practice, conduct and ethics. London. RCOT

Why work with me?

In my experience, it can be quite lonely working in independent practice or diverse settings.  I’ve been there. I have felt doubtful of my skills and even wondered whether I wanted to carry on being an OT at times.

If you are an OT who sees things differently, who feels they don’t quite fit into the world of the NHS and Social care, then I’m talking to you. Whilst the structures which exist within those statutory settings can sometimes feel restrictive, they also provide us with a lot of support and security. You might call it professional scaffolding. When you work in a setting that doesn’t have this, you may find yourself experiencing feelings of insecurity at times.

Here are a few questions I invite you to reflect on:

  • Are you feeling isolated?
  • Are you worried that you may not be maintaining occupationally focused practice?
  • Have you lost your way or begun to lose your confidence in your OT skills?
  • Would you like to be sure that you are meeting the HCPC standards for registration?
  • Maybe you don’t have any specific worries. Would you like to have an opportunity to reflect and develop your practice in creative and innovative ways?

If any of the above resonates with you, then I can help.

Get in touch

So, whether you need help to explore a particular issue in your workplace, gain some perspective on clinical challenges, take a deep dive into your career aspirations, or if you would simply like to engage in regular ongoing supervision, please get in touch.

Supervision for NHS/Social Care Occupational Therapists

I recognise that these issues might also resonate if you are working in mainstream services and so I offer supervision sessions to occupational therapists who may be struggling or thinking of moving into independent practice or diverse roles and would like an impartial person to discuss their situation with. Sometimes it is very helpful to be able to explore issues with someone who is not a part of the system you are working in. I am happy to offer a no-obligation chat to see if I can help.

Long-arm Supervision for Students on Placement:

I can occasionally provide long-arm (at a distance) professional supervision for students on placement in settings where there is no on-site occupational therapist. I am aware that students are increasingly expected to find their own supervisor for this type of placement, so if you are a student or a University placement tutor looking for an experienced supervisor for a role-emerging placement, please get in touch.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs