Artwork and Book Illustration

Here are some examples of my art. Some of them will soon be for sale here, so please keep checking back, or join my Newsletter to keep up to date.


The Art of Joy

I was a creative, artistic child, always talking to animals and always painting and drawing, making up stories. Somewhere along the line, I lost connection with the things that gave me real joy.  You might say I lost connection with the part of me that was Joy.

I used to joke that there were two versions of me. The professional, serious one who wore smart clothes and went to work in an office (Fiona) – and the red-haired, wild, tattooed creative one who danced barefoot and painted pictures (Joy).

I never fully let go of Joy, because I don’t believe you can let go of parts of your soul, but I certainly kept her well controlled. I think now I was probably afraid of her and what she might show me – and perhaps she would show me how far away from my path I had strayed. Sometimes, as is the way of the parts of us we try to suppress, she came out to play unbidden and, honestly, it never ended well!


Fast-forward many years, and through a lot of therapy, healing and soul-work I have found a way to integrate that creative, expressive joyful part of me, grounded in this physical reality and yet firmly connected to what French philosopher and theologian, Henry Corbin describes as the ‘mundus imaginalis’ or the imaginal realm.

This connection the imaginal comes out through my art. If I let go of Joy for too long, I feel the pull to return to the place where the animals speak through me and I have to get out my pens and pencils and see who has something to say.


Book Illustration – Knitty Bear

A few years ago, my dear friend Jane Allighan asked me if I would illustrate a book she was writing about a knitted bear who was no ordinary bear – and Knitty Bear was born.

Knitty Bear is ‘A magical, illustrated story, about connecting to the natural world and to each other. A story for snuggletimes and sniffletimes’ and comes with a knitting pattern so you can create your very own bear. Not just a children’s book, Knitty Bear speaks to the Inner Child within us all.

Available to buy on Book Depository

Artwork for Sale

I will soon be offering my original art work for sale on this page, so please check back soon to see a selection of watercolour and mixed media art.